Fiorelli Femmes

Welcome to the first instalment of ‘Fiorelli Femmes’, our dedication to the empowered, intelligent and remarkable females who inspire us and have achieved incredible feats.

Fiorelli has a history of inspiring modern women, whether through iconic shapes, innovative textures or splashes of colour. In fact, women are at the very core of our brand’s DNA and we continuously aim to spotlight, style and encourage females.

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month. It also signals the start of a very special partnership between Fiorelli and Breast Cancer Care. Fiorelli has pledged to raise an eye-watering £75,000 to ensure that women can continue to feel supported and cared for during and beyond treatment for Breast Cancer. You can find out more about the incredible work that Breast Cancer Care does here.

Each year, thousands of women face a breast cancer diagnosis. Many undergo treatment that results in significant changes to their physical appearance– and for many women, results in a palpable loss of confidence.

The #CARRYYOURCONFIDENCE campaign was conceived from our commitment to encourage women to carry their confidence in the same way that they carry their favourite handbag. According to Breast Cancer Care’s Body Image Survey in 2013, 9 in 10 women said that they had lost their confidence during treatment. Here at Fiorelli, we aspire to grow every woman’s confidence and help them feel beautiful. Our campaign is a celebration of strength, valour and triumph and we love being a part of a project that is so close to our hearts.

Fiorelli will donate £10 from each sale of four specially curated bags from the Pinstripe Collection which includes staple shapes such as the iconic Mia Grab and Crossbody, alongside the contemporary Anouk backpack and our new favourite – the Bethnal.


This month’s Fiorelli Femme is a woman who knows first-hand about the effects of Breast Cancer. Meet the face of the #CARRYYOURCONFIDENCE campaign, Katie. At just 31 years old, Katie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. A mother to two young children, with a promising career, she faced her diagnosis head on and within a week of discovering a lump, Katie underwent a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. Katie talks candidly about her experience in the #CARRYYOURCONFIDENCE video which you can find here.

Fiorelli approached Katie after hearing her story and reading about her desire to show other women that there is life after a breast cancer diagnosis – and what better proof than seeing Katie demonstrating how she carries her confidence seven years on from her diagnosis. For this very reason, she is October’s Fiorelli Femme.

Don’t forget to show the world how you carry your confidence by sharing your new purchase on social media using the hashtag #CARRYYOURCONFIDENCE

The Fiorelli Team x