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Fusing innovation with sustainability, we are proud to launch Recover - a collection of versatile pieces made from recycled materials and ethically sourced fabrics.


Each piece is designed to never be thrown away and we want to make you feel good about your outfit and your environmental impact.


As a brand we are committed to working towards a more sustainable future. Designing our products with consideration for their environmental impact has become our main strategy.


We can’t reverse the damage already done, but together we can reduce it further. Be part of a movement to reshape our industry!


At Fiorelli, we respect each other as we are and focus on who we will become. Our culture represents the collective attitudes, aspirations, ideas, and experiences of the people who work here. We work for an inclusive environment that allows us and our suppliers to be more innovative and to create products that best meet the needs of our customers around the world.


We care about the people who make our products and an ethical supply train that is transparent and our customers can trust.


We always seek to work with reputable and ethical suppliers globally and we are committed to the responsible sourcing of materials for all of our product.

The collection

As part of the Recover collection, we have designed a range of innovative sustainable styles which are all 100% Vegan. Shop the collection here


  • Each bag is made from 8 - 22 Plastic bottles
  • The materials we use are durable and waterproof
  • The styles include recycled metal hardware
  • Biodegradable packaging that can be disposed as compost
  • The entire collection is 95% recycled materials. 5% is made from water based PU which is made non toxically.