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Discover our bespoke range of prints, beautifully
designed by hand. From pretty florals and delicate
designs, prints are a core part of our DNA.














Nordic Floral

Inspired by the Icelandic poppy, we've fused icy
washes of
watercolour with wispy brush strokes.
The soft sand base colour is complemented with
calming blue hues, stargazer and glacier, straight
from this season's colour palette.









Savanna Print

Adorned with African flame lilies and tropical butterflies, the Savanna print is a simple way to inject some colour into your wardrobe.






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Jungle Print

A unique and intricate off white and deep navy
design, inspired by the jungle. We've combined
delicate flowers with powerful leopards to create
a simple statement print.





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Dash Leopard

It's time to release your wild side. Introducing animal print with a colourful twist, enjoy our detailed hand-drawn design using beautiful shades of blush pink.






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